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St.John's Wort and Cataracts, true?

Hello, I've always wanted to try St.John's Wort, I have anxiety and unfortunatly read everything I can about something I wana try, mostly looking for positive stories about the herb helping people. I did however read something about Cataracts and St.John's Wort, something about sun sensetivity and the chance for Cataracts. The reason I'm skeptical is because I've read about people saying they've taken it for 12-15 years. Also the fact that they say it's perscribed all over Europe, especially Germany, doctors perscribe it over traditional medications and it's been around forever. How could all this be if it causes Cataracts? Thanks


Staff member
I haven't been able to find any scientific studies that links St. John's Wort to cataracts. I guess it's possible, just like anything is possible. A google search pointed me to some articles published back in 2009 and not much more. Personally I've been taking SJW for almost 20 years, albeit in small amounts (300mg/day) for the past ten years or so. No problems with my eyes so far, but I'm only in my mid-40's. It's a natural plant people have been taking St. John's Wort for thousands of years and you're right, it's prescribed in some countries too. I've found the sun sensitivity with use seems to diminish over time. I wouldn't worry too much about cataracts, even for people who have them it's a common surgery to remove them nowadays, and anyway anxiety and depression are bigger issues in my view.