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It has given my mood a boost. A step forward.

Hey guys and gals,

I started trying St. John Wort almost two months ago now. It has raised my mood significantly. Even the first time I tried it I bagan to laugh at the little things in life again. It effected me more and more as I took it.

Although I had a bit of trouble at the end of the six weeks because my bottle ran out and I didn't have any time to get more because I had to go up to my uncles house which was in a rural area so there were no shops near by. Once I came home I rushed to the shops and got this crap brand of St. John's Wort from the supermarket because the chemist was closed.:spin: I took it for about two weeks and it only effected my mood slightly and it gave me a few side effects. I'm never taking that brand again. I went threw a brief period where I forgot to take SJW which bought my mood back to how it was before I started taking SJW.:frown: Something I observed in that period made me go bersekly depressed so I immediatly got bought the original better brand that I used in the first place and I felt better once again.:smile: I'm now taking the original better brand now and I'm back on track. I'm never gonna take that crap second rate supermarket SJW ever again.:mad: The original good brand I use is Blackmores and the crappy supermarket brand is Cenovis.

Since I've started taking SJW I can walk in a public place confidently and relaxed.:walkingsm: I'm so happy about it. Before I took St. John's Wort I would feel very anxious and self concious if I were in a public place and I usually avoided public places. But now I'm excited to go out of the house and in to the big shopping centre in my town.:dance1: I even went into the city all by myself and I had a great time in amongst the busyness.:dance:

I used to feel extremely depressed and down all the time before taking SJW. But now since I've started taking it, I barely have a really down moment. My overall mood now is more controlled and I can think of the bright things of life.

St. John Wort is a god send to me. It has stepped my mood up in such a good and unexpected way.:dance:

My mum has even noticed the improvement with my mood. Shes noticed how well my mood is in public places, how much more calmer I am. Its wonderful.
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Hey cool4, thanks for the great story! I am happy to hear it has worked out so well for you. It's amazing how much difference a crap brand can make, once you've had the good SJW, isn't it? Some days I wish the industry was more regulated so that the qualities were more consistent, and then other days I'm glad the herbal industry isn't too regulated, because it keeps SJW on the shelves everywhere... at least in Canada it's so common to find it now.

That is awesome you came to the site to post your story... thanks!!