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is 300 mg effective?

Yes, definitely. In fact, I would actually recommend that as a good starting point. If you need to you can increase the dose, but starting at 300 mg is a good idea and can be effective.
I started at 900mg, then went to 1200mg based on some things I've read, but I didn't notice any changes. I eventually went down to 600mg and I seemed to feel better. I'm now slowing working my way down to 300mg, so we'll see how it goes. I think it will be different for everyone as to what works best for them, the dosage, the brand and type they use, etc.... But, sheephead's advice is good, starting out at 300mg is a good idea and if you feel good, then stay there if you continue to feel good. You can always work your way up if needed. Cheers.