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How to start a new thread about your experiences with SJW...


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This is a moderated area, which means that new threads are first reviewed before they appear. The only reason for that is to keep spam outta here, and to ensure the message has been posted in the right place. So if you start a new thread about your experiences and it doesn't appear right away, DON'T PANIC. It just takes time to review & approve.

For existing threads, if you write reply your message will appear right away.

Our only request is to post your experiences with SJW after taking it for at least a couple of months. Tell us how it worked for you, what you felt like before and how you're doing now. Provide some details like how long it took to start working, maybe the brand you're using, and so on.

Above all, THANK-YOU for deciding to share your experience... it's people like you who make this place great.
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