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Hi, new here, been depressed forever, NEED ADVICE!!

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself anonymously' started by depressionheat, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. depressionheat

    depressionheat New Member

    Hello everyone, Im new to the site (at least new to posting), ive read posts on here a few times though over the past few years.
    I am a 40 yr old male and have been depressed and had social anxiety for as long as I remember. In the past I have tried paxil and zoloft, wellbutrin and klonopin. some of these did help for a while, however in the end they made an underlying condition that I have worse. That condition is Hyperhidrosis or (excessive sweating). my sweating problem is EXTREMELY SEVERE! and the SSRI meds in particular along with the wellbutrin ended up making my sweating even worse so I had to come off them. I recently started trying st johns wort along with rhodiola after reading about them both here and elsewhere. im currently on the standard 900mg of the good stuff- perika. Now one area where I need advice is with the dosage since my depression is definitely long-term and severe (im now unemployed living with family and basically unable to leave the house most days) I was wondering if I might benefit from the highest possible dosage of st johns of 1800 mg ??
    My depression is definitely in part or maybe entirely stemming from the fact that my sweating problem is so severe that I completely soak through all my clothes and need to always take many showers and/or change clothes constantly. This has led to quitting most jobs Ive had and avoiding social interaction.
    Therefore Im also wondering if theres anymore Hyperhidrosis sufferers here on the site?? if so have you noticed any reduction in sweating from taking st johns or maybe even an increase? any ideas for me? also is the rhodiola combo a good idea? ive also tried 5htp/tyrosine on and off, which sometimes just make me irritable or give me headaches but other times make me feel great. anyway thanks a lot for this great site! keep up the good work.
  2. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there, thanks for joining the site and posting a bit about yourself. How has it been so far with SJW, has it made the Hyperhidrosis any worse or is there no change? I have not heard of it before and I'm not sure if there are others on the site yet with the same condition or not. I would definitely stick with at least 900 mg/day of SJW and you might want to take more if it's not effective for you, and there are no side effects that make you sweat more. I can only imagine but it must be a tough thing to deal with, and I hope SJW can help you manage at least the depression side of things. In the past I've taken L-tyrosine and found it really effective but I think you wouldn't want to take more than 500mg/day of that. Not sure about the other options, maybe others can chime in here?

  3. depressionheat

    depressionheat New Member

    thank for the reply. yes the sweating thing is pretty tough. while in a temperate climate I almost feel close to normal sometimes but during times of high temperature and humidity the sweat gets really incredibly bad and sends my anxiety/depression through the roof. for a while I was getting some relief from the depression doing 900mg perika combined with one or two caps of rhodiola (now brand) however Im currently in the heat of a very hot summer and im feeling the sun sensitivity problem of the st johns, just yesterday I was sunburned really badly. so im hesitant to take more than 900mg fearing even more sensitivity. I heard that the kira brand didnt have those side effects but that its discontinued? any news on that? thats a bummer! im currently on the perika. anyway, i think the tyrosine adds to the sweating so ill give that a rest. Thanks again for the great forum here . ps has anyone had success here adding Kava to their regimen to aid in the battle against anxiety? thats something else im considering.
  4. Spunt

    Spunt Regular Member

    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. When I took Perika I too had problems with being photosensitive. Kira has been discontinued but it can be found still via a German site at a very high price. I've been experimenting with Eclectic Institute and having good results so far but I'm only 2 weeks into testing. You can find links to both of these in another post of mine.... let's see if I can quote it here...

    Hah, it worked. :)

    I hope you find some relief and please keep us posted. :spin:
  5. Soccer Dude

    Soccer Dude Regular Member

    Hi, I don't think I've heard of anyone having photo-sensitivity when using Perika SJW. Perika contains Hyperforin. I've read somewhere that Hyperforin had a lower chance of causing light sensitive issues than Hypericin which is found in most other SJW products. Has anyone read anything about that? But, I guess everyone is different and will respond differently to different things....Oh and by the way, some people can be sensitive to Tyrosine even at low doses under 500mg I've read somewhere. I was taking much higher doses with 5-htp and was getting agitated and arm-pit sweating. I think my ND said that might be from creating too much Norepinephrine or me being sensitive to my body making adrenaline from Tyrosine. Anyway, lowered my dose and don't have as much of a problem....Not to say something else couldn't be causing your sweating....But tyrosine could possibly cause that.

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