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grief depression

Hi, am new here. I am suffering from depression due to grief. I lost my 22 year old son 30 months ago, he was killed in an auto accident. I had been on Zoloft for a few years before that for anxiety, and after my son's death, I didn't like how Zoloft interferred with the grief process, so I weaned myself off just before the new year.

Recently, my grief is renewed with great strength. I think I am having to go through the process again, because Zoloft inhibited the stages or strength of them.

I started SJW today, after encouragement from other parents who have lost children. Many have told me how helpful it is. I look forward to posting and keeping you updated as time progresses. thanks for reading.

Hi Isbella: Welcome to the board. First of all, I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. As a mother of 4, the loss of a child is something I would not even wish on my worst enemy. Although going through the grief process again will be painful it probably is necessary for you to fully recover. Counseling might be helpful along with the SJW. I hope you find some measure of peace and know that we're all pulling for you. Good luck to you. Let us know how you are doing. Take care, Raven


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my heart goes out to you. I can't imagine what it must be like to go through grieving twice. How courageous of you to take yourself off Zoloft so you can complete the process. please accept my deepest sympathy, one parent to another.

My prayer is that you are able to get to a point where grieving is no longer the norm, and it occurs only on rare occasion. In other words, I pray that your wounds are healed. I hope the SJW helps. Please keep us posted on your progress.


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Hi isbella,

I have been on the otherside, my sister died two weeks before her 18th birthday and I watched my mum go through what you are going through. My mum unfortunately tried to take her own life not long after and I had to deal with that too, so I know how hard this is for you. My mum was also left with a 2 month old sick child that my sister left behind, I know its not easy for you as I saw my own mum go to hell and back and she is still struggling from day to day. At least you are trying the alternative route of sjw both my parents turned to ADs and sleeping aids and still can't let go of their prescriptions. I would recommend that you try relaxation classes they really helped my mum for a while with her panic and anxiety attacks.

I hope you feel better soon, takecare and I wish you well pixy :freak4:
Hi Isbella

I sincerely sympathise, my wife died in january of this year. At first I thought I was coping, but now I am completely mentally and physically devastated. I had been with her for 42 years, so I dont know if it will ever get better.