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anonymous intros

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself anonymously' started by kelly, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    If you want to introduce yourself, feel free to reply to this thread or even start a new thread if you prefer.

    I'll start with a brief intro. My name is Kelly, I admit that I know and respect the terrible power of depression but I am not depressed anymore. I feel very lucky about this. I started taking St. John's Wort (SJW) almost 20 years ago and soon after started this website to get the word out because it helped me through some pretty dark days. I still take SJW but only a small dose and only every few days (300mg), that's all I need. I truly believe this natural herb has great properties for treating many types of depression. It works for most people but not everybody, so fortunately there are all sorts of other good options out there too.

    I have a smart and loving wife, a smart and funny daughter and a fun dog that all keep me busy. My family, my work and the joys and frustrations of life keep me away from the forum from time to time. Today I live a happy life that is not without challenges but is rewarding nonetheless. I try to be a better person every day but still make mistakes all the time. I still regret some things that I've done but I try to improve and learn from my mistakes. I mismanaged this forum over time and I regret that too, and then a terrible software upgrade to vBulletin 5 caused major problems and made the forum not work correctly so it turned people away for several years. To try and redeem myself I've spend many, many hours over the past month converting all the posts to the new software and getting everything working again. I hope everyone will come back and new people will find us and join the forum too, so we can continue to offer a wealth of information written by people from all around the world.

    We all have at least one thing in common that brought us here. Let's talk about it anonymously and offer each other some support.
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  2. Leslie

    Leslie New Member

    Hello. Haven't started using SJW yet but reading as much as I can about what to possibly expect. I am very nervous about taking any kind of pill as I have experienced overwhelming effects from them. Reading the negative reviews keeps me from giving it a try. I havedaily mood swings and I just keep waiting for my moods to somehow level out on their own, like just enduring a headache until it subsides. Having panic attacks years ago was a total turning point for me. Previously I'd never experienced a bodily sensation that rendered me terrified. When you have these episodes over and over and have no control over stopping them or preventing them from occurring, it becomes a fear obsession. I am afraid of any drug now. I bought some SJW after my sister told me she finds it really helps her. I have the unopened bottle sitting right here next to my bed. Maybe one day I'll get courageous and swallow one and see what happens.
  3. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome. I think it's perfectly normal to be apprehensive about taking any kind of pill. Reading everything you can helps... if you read about prescription meds the negative reviews of those tend to be much worse. I had a horrible experience with Paxil many years back. At least SJW has fewer and much less severe side-effects. It really helped me. It does take a little while to start working so if you swallow one don't expect miracles the first day or two, give it time.

    If you decide to try SJW sometime you could start with a much lower amount, like 1/3 of the recommended and see how that goes. Or here's an idea, you could also try a St. John's Wort tea to start since it's very mild. Some people like how it tastes, others don't like the taste at all. Personally I don't like how it tastes at all. But it's an easy way to try it out. And some people just don't like pills. You can find liquid extracts with a dropper that you could put in juice or coffee.

    Generally SJW helps with depression but it doesn't do that much for anxiety. I have a good friend who had a panic attack years ago and it had such an emotional impact on him, he still thinks about it almost daily years later. I know it's a pretty powerful negative experience but that doesn't mean you'll have another one... my friend hasn't had anymore and years and years have passed. There are natural options for anxiety too but I'm not an expert about those...
  4. ambler

    ambler New Member

    Hi Kelly~

    How long ago it was and at just the right time that I found this brilliant site . It was so long ago that we were traveling "the information superhighway", invented by Al Gore.
    At that time, finding your site affirmed for me that St. John's Wort was worth trying. I took it , and day 1 , felt much better. I took at that time 3 capsules/300mg each a health store brand. This brand (Now)was good at first, but I think they changed the formula( and kept raising the price), and it stopped working for me after about a year.

    Later--this century-- I took Perika for a year. It also worked very well for me, but towards the end of using it I started to have episodic flashes of vertigo--like briefly in the grocery store once, so I stepped myself down and off it and the vertigo disappeared . The Perika had done it's good work by then and my depression was gone.

    The last few years I have used SJW drops ( Herb Pharm) on occasion, though not with consistency. One time i took them consistently for a couple days only, and then , while taking our dog for a walk, had some kind of anxiety/low blood sugar event walking around the block. It could have been related to poor sleep/insomnia/apnea/grief--any of the these or a combo at the time. It went away when I had something to eat and drink/breakfast.
    For the last week and 2 days I have been taking 3 SJW/300 per day; all at bedtime this first week. the last 2 days, I have taken a tablet mid-morning and 2 at night, but I'm finding they make me sleepy if taken during the day-- am thinking will be tweaking the dosage timing this week; am using Nature's Bounty.
    From my experience SJW definitely, when used consistently at the average recommended dosage DOES work a treat on anxiety/ is an anxiolitic. Also, when I take my SJW before bed with a warm cup of fizzy magnesium citrate beverage and a small shot of orange juice on the side, sleep almost through the night currently, or at least until having to get up and use the biff ( I'm 66 now), then am able to fall back asleep, which is a tremendous boon in dealing with PTSD at night.

    I do know taking St. John's Wort is also a subjective experience. For me finding this truly good site has been an answer to prayer.
    Thank you so much, Kelly, for faithfully manning this lighthouse all these years. And thank you all for sharing your experiences on these pages and please keep posting. I will post again later. Blessings !
  5. kelly

    kelly Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Ambler! Thanks for coming back after all these years and posting on the forum! It's great to hear from you and to hear about your experiences. I still remember Al Gore's coining of the "information superhighway" and it still makes me giggle... that and Ted Kennedy's comments about how the internet is "a series of tubes" which is even funnier.... ah how the internet has changed over the years.

    Someone else mentioned problems with vertigo a few weeks back, something I hadn't heard before but it must be a more common side effect than I thought. I agree taking St. John's Wort is a subjective experience. The sources of depression and anxiety are so varied and complex that by nature the remedy must be subjective.

    I've never tried drops before but I've heard they can be quite effective. How did you find them versus taking capsules/tablets? Is it easy to measure how much you're taking?

    It's nice to hear you're doing well... and that you took the time to write here. Thank you so much and hope you post more later!

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