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after 3 months- it seems not to work anymore

I'v started end of October with Laif 900, switched in december on Jarsin (LI-160), first 900, then 450 because of increased insomnia and nervousness, 3 weeks ago again on 900, because depressive moods started to coming back. Instead of feeling better I feel more and more depressed, which makes me desperate. I just don't want to take chemical antidepressants. My prolactin levels are higher then during the first few weeks on SJW ( I have a pituitary issue)
I just don't know if SJW works for me or it was a failure that I switched from Laif to Jarsin? Could another brand cause such a worsening of the antidepressant effect? Or SJW can't help by persons with hormonal dysbalance like me? I feel nervous, anxious and depressed, similar to my condition before I started with SJW. But the whole december I felt really good, so I don't understand nothing.
Please, can someone say something? I will see my doc in march and he thinks anyway that SJW is more placebo effect then real help.


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Have you tried 5 HTP before? There is a discussion about it on this forum, and seems like some people use it very successfully alongside with SJW. What I gather about the chemical process is, that 5HTP is naturally produced in the body and is the building block of serotonin, but some people just don't produce enough of it. That is why taken just 5mg a day can possibly enhance the effectiveness of an antidepressant like SJW.